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Fall 2018
What's Trending Now
1.   EXAGGERATED STACKINGS - Mismatched, textured, eccentric, uber         layering  combined to create an over the top aesthetic.
2.   TRIBAL MOTIFS - Gorgeous patterns infusing a bohemian, gypsy 
       vibes full of colour and shape.
3.   AUTUMN LEAVES -  Delicate, whimsical and ethereal, often
       glistening in dangling filigree.
4.    MEGA SIZE JEWELRY - Oversized looks dominate as designers        
       spare no minimalisn.      
5     THE SINGLE EARRING -  Paris runways showcased orginality with a          one earring look OR two earrings with totally different designs.
6.    CHUNKY CHAINS  - futuristic, abstract, baroque and bulky, large            links dominate the necklace scene.
7.     BOLD CUFFS - ornate, sculptured, oversized cuffs radically update        clacissim with designs reflecting strength and glamour.
8.    FANNY PACKS - functional, urban and playful but always                 
       comfortable, ingenious and travel ready.          
9.   STATEMENT SCARVES - vibrant, cheerful with oversized yardage            in plaid patterns  adorned  with tassles and fringe.
10.  ART DECO - Vintage looks and mythic motifs reminiscent of
        the 20's continue to dominate ring & necklace adornment.

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***Styles shown $ 85.00 or less!***